Fiber Network Deployment: Phase One Projection

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KUB is utilizing a set of guiding criteria that allow it to maximize the positive impacts of its fiber network in the communities it serves. Those criteria include areas where KUB can:

1. Leverage existing fiber infrastructure. 
2. Improve utility performance.
3. Positively impact the most customers early in the deployment process.
3. Meet the needs of unserved and underserved populations.
4. Expect state and/or federal grants to be available.

The areas where KUB expects deployment to begin have a diverse set of needs related to both broadband availability and utility performance. KUB will utilize the same set of guiding principles as it plans for future phases of deployment, allowing it to continue addressing the needs of its customers while improving the communities they call home. 

More details about the deployment plan will be made available on this website and KUB's other platforms as it becomes available.

The areas highlighted in the map above are general in nature and are subject to change based on factors like pace of construction, available grants, and supply chain availability.