What is the projected cost of residential broadband services?

KUB is aiming to offer a standard residential package that provides symmetrical 1 gigabit per second download and upload speeds for $65 a month. KUB will provide packages at different speeds and prices for both residential and commercial customers.

KUB will also offer telephone and television package options. Customers can also choose to add a managed router service option to ensure optimal performance at an additional cost.

Where will you begin construction of the fiber network and how will you decide?

There are many factors that determine where KUB begins offering broadband services. Those factors include, among other things, which areas already have a fiber backbone in place, which areas have the most need for reliable internet, and where the electric system could benefit most from having fiber.

KUB’s goal is to strategically deploy the system in a way that builds on our existing assets and addresses some of the most immediate needs in the community.

Customers can now use our Fiber Availability Finder to discover if their address is included in Phase One of network construction. 

Are there ways to accelerate the build and have full deployment in less than seven years?

One of the easiest ways to hasten the construction of our fiber system is through funding not currently included in KUB’s business plan. That funding could come from state or federal programs.

KUB is monitoring the availability of these funds and plans to apply for any funding that becomes available. In its research, KUB has found that much of the proposed funding is for rural areas and KUB has engaged government officials in rural portions of its service territory to assist in seeking out the funding.

Will KUB offer television and phone services?

Yes, KUB will offer a competitive array of television packages that will include content from local, regional, and national providers. KUB will also offer voice over IP phone options for residential and business customers. KUB is working on the details of those plans and will make those details available in 2022. 

Where will the tech support and call center be located?

KUB is planning to hire local technical and customer support staff to ensure that our customers’ issues are fully understood when they arise. KUB hopes to add approximately 200 jobs to the Knoxville area. Visit www.kub.org/careers to view and apply for open positions. 

How will your service compare to other service providers?

KUB will offer a base package that includes 1 gigabit symmetrical upload and download speeds for $65 a month to residential customers. KUB feels that these performance levels are currently unavailable for most customers in our area for that price and will allow customers to operate more devices more reliably.

Television, phone, and managed Wi-Fi packages will also be available.

Will broadband fees be on a separate bill from KUB?

KUB is planning to provide a separate bill for its broadband services. This is a practice that has been used by some of KUB’s peers. KUB believes it can be useful for customers to manage their internet and other broadband service costs separately. It will also ensure that nonpayment for broadband services will not impact other services provided by KUB.

Will the fiber system be installed overhead or underground?

KUB plans to install its fiber optic cables wherever the electric wires are installed. This means that, in most cases, when the electric lines are underground, the fiber will be underground, and where the lines are overhead, the fiber will be overhead, as well.

Will KUB offer utility bill assistance for broadband customers struggling to pay their broadband bills?

At the core of KUB’s broadband effort is a desire to make internet accessible to everyone in its service territory. That includes finding ways to provide services to those unable to afford quality internet. KUB is currently working with partners in the Knoxville area to design programs that would make these services accessible to low income customers.

Will KUB charge customers to connect broadband services to their home?

KUB does not expect there to be a cost associated with running fiber to a customer’s home.

Will KUB offer a static IP address option for residential customers?

Yes, KUB will make static IP addresses available for residential customers. There will be a monthly fee associated with this. The number of static IP addresses will be limited to two per residential household.

How can customers help KUB access federal or state grant dollars?

Customers can contact their local, state, and federal representatives to ask about the availability of this funding. KUB is also monitoring the availability of these funds and plans to apply for any funding that becomes available. Once KUB is approved to provide broadband services it will be in a better position to qualify for any available funding.

In its research, KUB has found that much of the proposed funding is for rural areas and KUB has engaged government officials in rural portions of its service territory to assist in seeking out the funding.

When will services start?

KUB hopes to begin providing services to certain areas in 2022. KUB has determined areas that will receive fiber services first. Use the Fiber Availability Finder to determine if your address will be elegible for service during Phase one. These areas already have a fiber backbone in place, have the most need for reliable internet, and/or are areas where the electric system would benefit most from having fiber.

Do I need to purchase a new modem?

Customers will not need a modem to receive broadband services from KUB. KUB will provide a RJ45 Ethernet connection. Customers can provide their own wireless router at no charge or subscribe to KUB's whole-home Wi-Fi service for an additional $15 per month.