Utility pole inspections allow KUB to evaluate existing electric infrastructure to ensure longevity and reliability in its electric systems by addressing problems before they lead to outages. Poles are just one part of KUB's electric system, but they are vital in ensuring safe delivery of electricity to more than 200,000 customers in East Tennessee. 

From February to late August 2021, KUB contractor Davey Resource Group will be performing a visual inspection of nearly 75,000 KUB utility poles. This extensive work will be performed within the Knoxville city limits, with crews beginning at the westernmost city perimeter near Middlebrook Pike and moving eastward. Crews will use marked vehicles with proper identification that they are KUB contractors.

Inspectors will need to evaluate the condition of each pole to determine if it needs maintenance work or replacement, which may require crews to intermittently exit their vehicles. This process may also include accessing easements off roads.

This work will not require any interruption of service for customers. Regular pole inspection ensures the reliability of KUB’s electric service. KUB is committed to maintaining all system infrastructure through the strategic evaluation and maintenance of assets like utility poles. 

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