For the health and safety of our customers, some KUB presentations and community outreach requests are not currently available. Please use the menu below to view virtual options. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your interest in our events, and be safe.

If you would like KUB to visit your event or organization, use the menu below to learn more about what we offer and fill out the form accordingly. Please allow at least two weeks ahead of the scheduled event date to allow for sufficient time to make necessary arrangements.

Energy & Water Saving Workshop

KUB offers free energy and water saving workshops for area community groups, in partnership with TVA EnergyRight and City of Knoxville's Savings in the House Programs. Along with various tips, attendees also leave the workshop with tools and materials to begin putting tips into action. *In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, KUB now offers virtual workshops. To request a virtual workshop, fill out the form below selecting the "Energy & Water Saving Workshop" option.

From fixing a leaky toilet to knowing how to set your thermostat, learning how to make simple repairs or usage changes can create opportunities for savings on your monthly utility bill.

Workshops include: 

  • An hour-long presentation led by KUB
  • Six interactive displays to show how each tip makes a difference
  • Home Energy Starter Kit and Water Conservation Kit for each attendee

Select "Energy & Water Saving Workshop" below and submit completed form to request a workshop.

Kids' EnergyRight Monsters Workshop

KUB's new EnergyRight Monsters Workshop makes saving energy fun! In partnership with TVA EnergyRight, the energy monsters show kids where energy comes from, why it's important to save it, and fun ways they can conserve. 

From turning off the lights when they leave a room, to keeping the refrigerator door closed as much as possible, kids will come away from the EnergyRight Monsters Workshop ready to help you save energy and money. 

Select "Kids' EnergyRight Monsters Workshop" below and submit the completed form to request a virtual workshop.

Cick here for additional EnergyRight Monsters Workshop materials. 

H2O To Go

H2O To Go is KUB's traveling water station equipped with five taps that dispense cold drinking water. H2O To Go is available for the public to request for community events as a way to provide high-quality drinking water and reduce the use of single-use bottled water.

Qualifications to request H2O To Go: 

  • The event in need of the H2O To Go unit must be within KUB's water service territory.
  • The event must have 100 or more attendees.
  • The event must not require the unit for more than four hours.

Select "H2O To Go" below and submit completed form to request a workshop.

Live Line High Voltage Demonstration

The high voltage trailer is a 45 minute demonstration that illustrates the dangers associated with one's personal safety around electrical power sources. Led by overhead construction crew members, viewers will witness electrical arcs, electrical faults, how to avoid dangerous situations, and how personal protective equipment is used. 

Select "High Voltage Demonstration" below and submit completed form to request a workshop.

Utility Truck Demonstration

KUB crews provide utility truck demonstrations. Crew members provide interactive displays of how utility trucks are used on the job. Depending on availability, the following types of trucks can be sent to your event; bucket truck, xxx.

Select "Utility Truck Demonstration" below and submit completed form to request a workshop.


KUB can send a representative to events to cover a variety of topics. Examples include: 

  • Construction Project information
  • Career opportunity presentations or fairs
  • Natural Gas Safety presentations
  • Grease Control Program information

Select "Other" below and submit completed form to request a speaker. 

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