Find out how energy efficient your home is and discover ways to save on your utility bill through the TVA eScore program. With eScore, you’ll receive energy efficiency information from a trusted source. Register online or by phone at 1-855-2eScore (1-855-237-2673).

There are two options for an energy audit of your home:

eScore Home Evaluation

An expert eScore advisor will audit your home and rate its energy efficiency with a score of 1 – 10. You will receive a report with recommendations to help you conserve energy and save money.

To request the audit, register for eScore.

The audit fee is $75 – or you may receive the audit at no cost if you first make a qualifying energy improvement to your home through TVA’s Quality Contractor Network (QCN). By using the QCN, you can have confidence the job will be done correctly. An inspection of the contractor’s work will be performed, and if there are any quality issues, you’ll have assistance in ensuring they are resolved.

New: Free Virtual Home Energy Evaluation

In partnership with Streem and CLEAResult, TVA now offers free virtual home energy evaluations, providing customers with the opportunity to interact with a Home Energy Advisor without an in-person visit. The Virtual Home Energy Evaluation process is simple: 

  • Customers call EnergyRight at 1-855-2eScore (1-855-237-2673) to schedule their evaluation.
  • When the appointment time arrives, the Home Energy Advisor will send the customer a URL to initiate the virtual evaluation via Streem.
  • The customer will review and accept the terms and conditions to allow camera and mic access to begin the evaluation.
  • Once connected, the Home Energy Advisor will consult with the customer and guide them through their home to conduct the evaluation.
  • Upon completion of the evaluation, the Home Energy Advisor will send the cusotmer their report and recommendations. 

Evaluation participants will receive six LED light bulbs to start saving money immediately! 

Free Online Energy Self Audit

You may take a free online energy audit, and you’ll receive an energy savings kit delivered to your home (the kit is mailed in four to six weeks). For more accurate results from the online audit, we recommend you first log in to your account and retrieve your energy consumption history or request it from KUB. You may also complete the audit without your specific consumption history.

The energy savings kit includes the following items:

  • $10 Home Depot gift card
  • An LED light bulb
  • Outlet and light switch gaskets
  • A filter whistle
  • Two faucet aerators
  • A hot water temperature gauge
  • A home thermometer
  • "How to Save" brochure