KUB's environmental programs range from monitoring water quality to minimizing waste going to the landfill. KUB works to partner with government and community groups to increase the impact of all our programs. KUB has even received awards for its environmental efforts.

KUB employees recycle paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, batteries, wooden pallets, scrap metal, and more. Find out how you can recycle too!

Local farmers are able to use the treated Biosolids from Kuwahee's Wastewater Treatment Plant as a fertilizer and soil conditioner.  Learn more here!

Preventing grease from getting into the wastewater collection system helps keep things running smoothly. You can Can the Grease at home! Also, find out what our area's Food Service Facilities are doing to prevent grease from getting into the system.

KUB's River Monitoring Program tests the water quality upstream and downstream from two of our wastewater plants. Find out more about the results here.