Sewer service laterals are pipes that carry wastewater from inside homes or businesses to KUB sewer mains. 

If you own a home or business, you also own the lateral connecting it to the sewer main. Because you or your plumber may need access to clear a blockage and prevent or stop messy, costly sewage backups, KUB suggests installing a two-way cleanout on your lateral at the property line.

A cleanout is a vertical pipe that extends from a lateral to the surface of the ground and has a removable cap. If you have a cleanout at your property line, in most cases you or your plumber will be able to clear any blockage between there and the sewer main.

You should know where your sewer cleanout is for quick access if you have a sewer backup. Keep the cap on and in good condition to prevent debris from getting in, blocking the pipe, and causing a backup.

 Keeping the cap on helps protect our environment from sewer overflows by keeping out rain and surface water that can overload the sewer system.

As part of its Private Lateral Program (PLP), KUB notifies property owners when defective private laterals or prohibited connections to the sewer system are discovered.