Green Switch Match Program

TVA's Green Switch Match allows residential and commercial KUB customers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by signing up for 100 percent renewable power for their homes or businesses. 

Customers enrolled in Green Switch Match will purchase green power in a quantity matching their monthly electric consumption by adding one cent per kWh to their bills. Electricity is generated from approximately 70 percent solar, 20 percent wind, and 10 percent biogas resources. For the typical residential KUB customer, participation in Green Switch Match would save more than 18,000 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions annually.

Make a difference and sign up for Green Switch Match here.

Green Switch Program

TVA’s Green Switch program (formerly known as Green Power Switch) gives residential and business customers the option to support renewable energy generation in our region. For each $2 that Green Switch participants add to their electric bills, a block of 200 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy from solar, wind, or biogas resources will be generated and placed on the TVA electric grid. 

Sign up for Green Switch here or learn more by visiting TVA online here.

Green Flex Program

TVA's Green Flex is a new program that allows businesses and industries inside the Tennessee Valley to purchase out-of-Valley wind renewable energy certificates (RECs) to reduce environmental impact. Each REC represents one megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable energy generated and delivered to the power grid. When you purchase RECs, you are purchasing the environmental attributes associated with the renewable energy generated.

Sign up for Green Flex by calling KUB at 865-524-2911 or learn more by visiting TVA online here

Program Participation

KUB customers are making a significant difference to protect the environment with strong participation in these programs. The statistics below represent participation for November 2020. 


Participants Enrolled

Monthly Green Energy
Purchased (kWh)

Green Switch Match6435,582
Green Switch1,740919,400
Green Flex1800,000