Under TVA’s Green Power Providers, KUB customers may install a solar, wind, low-impact hydropower, or biomass generation system up to 50 kilowatts. The system is interconnected to KUB’s grid and participants sell all electricity produced directly to TVA. Learn more by viewing TVA's Frequently Asked Questions About Green Power Providers. TVA will accept applications for Green Power Providers for the remainder of 2019 while capacity remains available, and recently announced this program will end in January 2020. TVA is beginning a stakeholder input process to develop a future option for solar installations of this size.

Facilities that generate power up to 80 Megawatts may qualify for TVA's Dispersed Power Production program.

KUB charges a $250 application fee for the Green Power Providers program and $500 for the Dispersed Power Production and other programs.

For additional information on these programs:

Call KUB New Service at (865) 558-2555, e-mail green@kub.org, or submit your request here.  

Information for prospective Renewable Energy program participants:

Green Power Providers Application for Interconnection
DPP Application for Interconnection

Interconnection Agreement
Green Power Providers - Standard Overhead Connection
Green Power Providers - Standard Overhead Primary
Green Power Providers- Standard Underground Connection
Green Power Providers - Standard Underground Primary