Environmental Stewardship

KUB works toward positive environmental change in all facets of its operation, while supporting and providing programs for its customers to do the same. 

By 2022, KUB will have powered up Knoxville's first community solar array, and by 2024, solar-generated electricity will supply 20 percent of KUB's load.

Whether in support of renewable energy or seeking out efficiency measures, KUB customers can take advantage of multiple green programs and offerings. Plus, KUB has partnered with customers and fellow community leaders to weatherize more than 1,800 low-income homes.

And KUB's operations are always evolving to be more sustainable, including LEED and Energy Star certified buildings and the only National Biosolids Partnership-Certified Program in Tennessee. 

Learn about these efforts and more in the 2021 Environmental Report and through the buttons below.

2021 Environmental Report

Go Green

Want to go green at your home or business? KUB offers a variety of ways to support sustainable efforts.

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Electric Vehicles

KUB is a proponent of the adoption of electric vehicles. The new EV charger wholesale rate supports industrial customers, while the EV charger rebate supports residential customers as they increase use of EVs.

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Green Switch Match

KUB's Green Switch Match program allows customers to support renewable energy generation equal to the energy they use each month for approximately $11 a month.

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KUB has worked with its customers and community partners to weatherize more than 1,800 low-income families' homes, providing a root cause solution for those with high energy consumption.

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Green Invest

KUB plans to add 502 megawatts of new-to-the-grid solar power for KUB customers through TVA’s Green Invest program. The new arrays will account for 20 percent of KUB's electric load by 2024.

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Sustainability at KUB

KUB is always looking for ways to operate more sustainably, from expanding its alternative fuel fleet to ensuring vegetation is pruned according to the highest environmental standards.

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