KUB maintains more than 5,400 miles of distribution system lines and supporting electric poles throughout 688 square miles of service territory. 

On average, KUB replaces between 1,400 to 1,800 poles annually through wire and pole Century II projects, damages to poles from weather-related events, or damages to poles from third parties such as vehicular impacts.

KUB's Pole Replacement Process

1. KUB determines that a pole needs to be replaced for reasons listed above. 

2. KUB replaces the pole. A new pole is placed beside the old pole, and KUB moves its wires and equipment to the new pole. At this point, the old pole remains until communications companies transfer their lines. KUB notifies the companies of this necessary transfer via the National Joint Use Notification System (NJUNS).

Note: KUB electric lines are installed at the top of the pole for the safety of other companies that attach communication wires lower on the pole, as shown in image 1 below.

3. Once all attached wires and equipment are transferred, KUB is notified through the NJUNS database. Once all attached wires and equipment are transferred, the old (unused) poles are removed.

If you see a pole with one or two old poles beside it, and the old poles do not have lines connected to them (as seen in image 2 below), it is possible that KUB is unaware of the necessary pole removal. Feel free to give us a call at 865-524-2911 to report an unused pole.

Image 1 Image 2