Weatherization upgrades improve the energy efficiency of customer homes by replacing or upgrading inefficient home systems, such as the heat and air conditioner. These upgrades reduce energy consumption and utility bills while enhancing customer comfort and health by improving indoor air quality and reducing the stress low-income families face over their utility bill. 

KUB customers can apply now to recieve free home energy improvements through TVA Home Uplift that can save hundreds on utility bills. 


Round It Up & Home Uplift

KUB has a long legacy of supporting low-income weatherization programs through its Round It Up program and partnerships like TVA’s Home Uplift and the Knoxville Extreme Energy Makeover. These programs have provided home energy upgrades for hundreds of KUB customers since 2015.

KUB committed to an annual contribution of $1 million for home weatherization starting in FY21. These funds are used in conjunction with TVA's Home Uplift funds, customer Round It Up contributions, and other sources such as the $750,000 TDEC grant for 2021-2022 to serve additional KUB customers. 

Water Savers Efficiency Program

KUB's Water Savers program helps low-income residential customers manage water and wastewater costs and lower their utility bills. Through Water Savers, customers receive repair services and efficiency improvements, such as fixing water line leaks or replacing inefficient higher-flow toilets with new low-flow models.

Residential KUB water and/or wastewater customers who meet the eligibility requirements listed here can apply by calling the Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee at 865-244-3080. Learn more about Water Savers here.

You Can Help!

Since 2015, KUB customers have been making a difference through Round It Up. With Round It Up, you may put your spare change to work helping others by having KUB automatically round your bill up to the next dollar and send 100 percent of that money to support weatherization and efficiency improvements for customers in need.

If you choose to participate, your maximum would be $11.88 per year, and the average is around $6. The program is voluntary, so you can opt in or decide to stop contributing at any time. Just log into your account and choose Billing Options. For the Round It Up section, select “Enrolled” or “Unenroll.” You can also call KUB at 865-524-2911 for assistance with your selection.

The Impact of Weatherization

Hear from recipients of weatherization programs here: 

KUB recently began offering water efficiency improvements and emergency repairs through its Water Savers program. Learn more here.