KUB has partnered with TVA EnergyRight to ensure its customers have a seamless experience when making the switch to an electric vehicle (EV). Qmerit is an industry EV leader in providing a streamlined experience for homeowners who would like an EV charger installed in their home.

How Qmerit Works

Qmerit makes the EV installation process simple by connecting homeowners with certified installers for level 2 EV charging. Qmerit oversees the process from start to finish, ensuring the highest level of safety and quality by working with certified, licensed installers.

Get started in three easy steps:

  • Start the process by visiting the Qmerit portal here.
  • Fill out a survey about the prospective spot for a charger, and attach pictures.
  • View the upfront pricing estimate or custom proposal.

From there, Qmerit will:

  • Discuss charger options
  • Discuss charger installation step by step
  • Inform on material/equipment procurement
  • Schedule an appointment with an approved contractor and complete permitting

Homeowners will have access to see and track all aspects of their installation.

Save Time and Money

Qmerit’s transparent pricing system helps EV drivers save money and time by eliminating the hassle of researching electrical contractors and shopping for quotes. Pricing is determined by the location of the electrical panel and size of the garage. On the Qmerit portal, customers can view all levels of pricing in the form of an upfront cost estimate.

Tier Description Retail Price
1 Main panel in garage (interior or exterior wall) and charger on same wall  $799
2 Main panel in one-car garage (interior or exterior wall) and charger on separate wall $1,099
3 Main panel in two-car garage (interior or exterior wall) and charger on separate wall $1,399
4 Main panel in three-car garage (interior or exterior wall) and charger on separate wall $1,599
5 Charger in garage and main panel on opposite side of basement or home $1,999
S Surcharge to tiers 1-4 above when main panel is in basement directly below garage $299

Pricing above does not include the cost of charging equipment, which will be selected by the customer. Permitting fees vary based upon jurisdiction and are not included in the pricing packages above.