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Why KUB Fiber?

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Choose your Fiber speed.


1 Gbps $65 per month

Ideal for sending email, regular website browsing, basic music and video streaming with symmetrical 1000 Mbps upload and download speeds.


2.5 Gbps $150 per month

Ideal for working from home, online gaming, smart appliances, using creative applications, and streaming on multiple screens with symmetrical 2500 Mbps upload and download speeds.


10 Gbps $300 per month

Ideal for whole home security systems and smart home devices, running a home business, home theater systems, and uploading and downloading large files with symmetrical 10000 Mbps upload and download speeds.

Internet packages do not include a WiFi router.
Looking to enhance your WiFi?
We’ve got you covered!!!

+ AddSmart GigManaged Wifi

$15 per month

With KUB Smart Gig, we will provide you with a router and you’ll have everything you need to seamlessly use your wired and wireless devices, keeping each of them running at optimal speeds at the same time. When you subscribe, KUB technicians will set up and install a home networking solution for you, including a gig-speed router, and provide 24/7/365 support when you need it.

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Payment assistance is available for qualifying households through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Click here to learn more.

Find Fiber in
your area.

We are working to build a fiber network that will connect our entire community to fast and reliable internet. Check to learn more about availability in your area.

What does KUB Fiber installation look like and how long does it take?

• A technician will come out 2-4 days before your installation appointment to complete the prep work of connecting the fiber from the pole to the box outside of your house. It is not required that you are home for this however, if they must enter a gate to reach the box, they will knock on your door to inform you.

• Your in-home installation appointment window is scheduled for 4 hours but may not take the entire time.

• Someone over the age of 18 must be present for the entire installation.

What is Smart Gig Managed WiFi for residential customers?

Smart Gig Managed WiFi Service provides enhanced technical support to the customer for $15/month. By choosing to subscribe, we will provide customers with a compatible WiFi-enabling router and equipment throughout the home and have access to the HomePass app portal to view their wireless network at a device level. With this service we have removed the burden of self home network management and will make sure that you get regular router upgrades so your network can perform optimally.

Do I need to purchase a new modem or router?

KUB Customers will not need a modem to receive our fiber internet services. We will provide a RJ45 Ethernet connection.

However, if customers want access to WiFi internet, they can purchase and provide their own compatible wireless router or receive a compatible router when they subscribe to KUB's Smart Gig Managed WiFi service for an additional $15 per month. If you are going to provide your own wireless router, we recommend using a WiFi 6 router. You can find recommended routers here.

How does KUB TV work?

KUB TV can be accessed by downloading the KUB TV application on most connected devices in and out of the home. No additional equipment is required for smart televisions or televisions connected to Firesticks or similar hardware.

The packages have been designed with KUB customers in-mind and resemble traditional cable channel combinations. Explore our channel packages here.

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