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What is expected at 1 Gig service?

The Gig 1 gbps is equivalent to 1000 mbps. Internet speeds represent maximum wired network service capability speed to the home and recommended setup. Actual wireless speeds vary depending on WiFi 6 compatible devices.

What is Smart Gig at Work Managed WiFi?

Taking care of your network is a task that pulls your IT team away from the core of your business, pulling their focus onto troubleshooting instead of innovating. With Smart Gig at Work Managed WiFi service, you get access to experts who can ease this burden on your staff. Specialists can take over the time-consuming process of managing reliable and secure network connectivity for your employees and customers.

What is Smart Gig Managed WiFi for residential customers?

Smart Gig Managed WiFi Service provides enhanced technical support to the customer for $15/month. By choosing to subscribe, customers will receive compatible WiFi enabling equipment throughout the home and have access to a portal to view their wireless network at a device level. With this service we have removed the burden of self home network management and will make sure that you get regular router upgrades so your network can perform optimally.

Do I need to purchase a new modem?

Customers will not need a modem to receive our fiber services. We will provide a RJ45 Ethernet connection. Customers can provide their own wireless router at no charge or subscribe to KUB's Smart Gig Managed WiFi service for an additional $15 per month.

Will KUB offer a static IP address option for residential customers?

Yes, KUB will make static IP addresses available for residential customers. There will be a monthly fee associated with this. The number of static IP addresses will be limited to two per residential household. Call 865-524-2911 to inquire about static IP addresses.

Will KUB charge customers to connect fiber services to their home?

KUB does not expect there to be a cost associated with running fiber to a customer's home.

Will KUB offer utility bill assistance for fiber customers struggling to pay their KUB Fiber bills?

KUB is currently working with partners in the Knoxville area to design programs that would make these services accessible to low income customers.

Will the fiber system be installed overhead or underground?

KUB plans to install its fiber optic cables wherever the electric wires are installed. This means that, in most cases, when the electric lines are underground, the fiber will be underground, and where the lines are overhead, the fiber will be overhead.

Will fiber fees be on a separate bill from KUB?

We will provide a separate bill for our Fiber services. KUB believes it can be useful for customers to manage their internet and other fiber service costs separately. It will also ensure that nonpayment for fiber services will not impact other services provided by KUB.

How does your service compare to other service providers?

We offer a base package that includes 1 gigabit symmetrical upload and download speeds for $65 a month to residential customers. Research has shown that these performance levels are currently unavailable for most customers in our electric service area for that price and will allow customers to operate more devices more reliably.

Television, phone, and managed Wi-Fi products will also be available to both residential and business customers.

Where will the tech support and call center be located and how do I contact them?

KUB has dedicated local technical and customer support staff to ensure that our customers' issues are fully understood when they arise.

Contact 7AM-6PM Monday - Saturday, 865-524-2911 and select '1' for Fiber, then '1' for technical support, '2' for residential, or '3' for business.

Does KUB offer television and phone services?

Yes, KUB will offer television and phone services. Explore our package offerings for both business and residential customers.

Who are your Fiber services currently available to?

Fiber services are available to all addresses within the KUB electric service area.

To check if Fiber services are available to you or learn more about Phase One, head over to our Fiber Availability Finder.

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