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500 Mbps $85 per month

Internet for small businesses with a need for essential and flexible services, etc.

TheGig at Work

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1 Gbps $150 per month

Access a gig at your business to fulfill all of your customer and employee needs.


Access our full business package that includes installation, dedicated service, redundant feeds, managed WiFi service, and more.

Internet speeds are determined based based upon your business’s specific needs.

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+ AddSmart Gig at WorkManaged WiFi

$20 per month

Get comprehensive professional support and worry-free technology. Let us manage all responsibilities essential to providing seamless access and strong connection to your WiFi network.

KUB Business Phone

  • Up to two business phone lines
  • Unlimited long-distance calls
  • Access to voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, call rejection, call forwarding, and more

+ first line $40 per month

+ additional lines $35 per month

Find Fiber in
your area.

We are working to build a fiber network that will connect our entire community to fast and reliable internet. Check to learn more about availability in your area.

What is Smart Gig at Work Managed WiFi?

Taking care of your network is a task that pulls your IT team away from the core of your business, pulling their focus onto troubleshooting instead of innovating. With Smart Gig at Work Managed WiFi service, you get access to experts who can ease this burden on your staff. Specialists can take over the time-consuming process of managing reliable and secure network connectivity for your employees and customers.