Outage Center

KUB has implemented its storm response plan, and is responding to outages in our service territory. Please make sure to report your outage here or using the new KUB mobile app, and do not approach downed trees or powerlines. KUB prioritizes damage to critical infrastructure serving hospitals, schools, etc. first, then areas with the most customers affected.

Visit the outage map for details about the outage in your area, and click here for details about KUB’s outage response process. Follow our social media feeds below for additional updates.

Outage Map

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KUB’s Pandemic Response Plan

At KUB, we are committed to providing safe and reliable services for our community. In this time of uncertainty, that commitment remains as strong as ever.

Home Plumbing & COVID-19

KUB and utilities nationwide have seen evidence of harmful materials being put down drains more than ever. Click the image above for information about proper waste disposal.

Time of Use Comparison Tool

​Find out how much you could save by converting to KUB’s Time of Use rate!