Becoming a KUB natural gas customer is easier than ever with the new EasyConnect program. 

EasyConnect is designed for KUB customers who live in close proximity to a KUB natural gas line, offering a turnkey installation of a natural gas service line and a new natural gas water heater. 

Through the EasyConnect program, 0% interest on-bill financing for the natural gas water heater and installation costs is available. EasyConnect participants just pay upfront for the service line cost. 

The Benefits of Natural Gas

Some benefits of making the switch from electric to natural gas are:

  • It's an efficient source of energy that adds value and comfort to your home.
  • Natural gas is not just for heating. With natural gas appliances, you can cook, dry clothes and heat water safely and economically.
  • Cooking on natural gas stoves provide precise temperature control. Fireplaces make for easy comfort with just the flip of a switch.
  • At KUB, promotional offers and rebates are available for customers who convert an electric appliance to a natural gas appliance throughout the year and vary based on the season. 
  • It can save you money. According to the American Public Gas Association, using all natural gas appliances can save you up to 30 percent on your utility bill.

Learn more about the benefits of natural gas from APGA at this link.

Sign Up For EasyConnect

KUB serves 105,000 natural gas customers in Knox and surrounding counties. Become a natural gas customer today with EasyConnect! To be eligibile for EasyConnect, you must live within close proximity to an existing natural gas line. To find out if you are eligible or to sign up for KUB natural gas through EasyConnect: 

  • Call 865-558-2555 or
  • Email