KUB is installing its fiber optic cables wherever the electric wires are installed. This means that, in most cases, when the electric lines are underground, the fiber will be underground, and where the lines are overhead, the fiber will be overhead, as well. 

Potential Impact: 

  • Temporary Traffic Disruptions: During the construction period, you may experience occasional lane closures or temporary detours in the affected areas. We will make every effort to minimize inconvenience and ensure the smooth flow of traffic. 

  • Minimal Noise and Dust: While we strive to keep noise and dust to a minimum, please be aware that construction activities may generate some level of disturbance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding. 

Overhead Construction:

The vast majority of KUB's fiber network will be connected to existing utility poles by KUB contractors. This work is minimally obstructive to traffic and customer property. The work does not require any digging or boring. 

Underground Construction:

In some cases, KUB and its contract crews will have to bore underneath the ground and roadways to lay the fiber. The boring process involves digging in existing right-of-ways, often near roads. We will use specialized equipment and follow industry best practices to minimize disruptions and complete the project efficiently.

KUB and its contractor will work to repair any damage caused during the construction of the fiber network and restore all impacted customer property.

We understand that you may have questions or concerns about the construction process. We are here to help! Please feel free to reach out to our construction supervisor at 865-558-2331 or our local customer support team at 865-524-2911.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this construction phase. You can check your availability to see when you will have access to our state-of-the-art fiber internet service, unlocking a world of digital possibilities right at your fingertips. 


Images of the construction process and impacted property repaired.