Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) provides generation data and emissions rates for all Local Power Companies (LPCs) to share with their electric customers. KUB’s Scope 2 CO2 Rate information for standard service electric customers is available in the Carbon Emissions Reports below.

TVA’s carbon emissions vary hourly according to the specific generating assets dispatched. Because commercial and industrial customers have varying load profiles that use different carbon emitting generation, their carbon reports are calculated separately from the standard average. BCD class commercial and industrial customers can request their specific carbon content information from a KUB Key Account Representative.

General Emissions Information

Direct emissions

Scope 1 emissions are what most people picture - CO2 discharged directly into the air from a stack or tailpipe. Electrification is usually a reduction option for those wanting to reduce Scope 1 emissions.

Indirect emissions

There are 2 categories of indirect emissions

Scope 2 deals with energy purchased for end-use consumption, like electricity, heat, steam, or chilled water.

Scope 3 is related to a company’s supply chain, including the indirect upstream and downstream transportation and materials used to produce each product. This includes the electricity used to manufacture the product’s components and the final product.

Carbon Emission Reports

2020 Scope 2 CO2 Rate Information 

2021 Scope 2 CO2 Rate Information