Sign up for Paperless Billing to help protect the environment and make your life a little easier. Register or log into your account, and update your bill delivery method in the Manage Account section, under “How I receive this account's bill”.

KUB bills more than 198,000 customers each month – or over 2 million bills a year. That’s a lot of paper for the bills, the mailing envelopes, and the return envelopes! Each customer who goes paperless helps reduce paper use.

Going paperless is good for the environment, and it’s also easy and hassle-free for you. Why?

  • Less paper waste saves trees and cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • No worries about misplacing the paper bill.
  • Online payments are safe and secure.
  • Past 18 months of bills are available to view/print on the Web.
  • Monthly E-mail Alerts from KUB let you know your bill is ready to view/pay online.
  • Convenient payment options allow you to pay online or over the phone, anytime, from anywhere.