PrePay allows customers to pay in advance for utility service. PrePay account balances will be reduced daily based on usage. PrePay customers will not receive a bill and can use a KUB.org account to monitor usage and account balance. 


Residential customers with electric service and advanced meters are eligible to enroll. Enrollees must create and maintain a KUB.org account and must have internet access to monitor usage and their account balance.


To enroll, a small deposit and minimum PrePay balance must be paid to establish a PrePay account, as shown in the table below.

Utility service


Minimum PrePay utility payment

Minimum total due at enrollment*

Electric only




Electric plus other utility services




If a utility deposit is already available on a customer’s existing account, that deposit will first be applied to any outstanding balance. If funds remain after the outstanding balance has been paid in full, the remaining balance will be applied to the PrePay account. If a balance remains after existing utility deposits are applied, PrePay payments will be applied in the following manner: 50% applied to past balances and 50% applied to prepaid utilities.

*In some instances, customers may be advised to submit larger initial payment to establish a PrePay account.


PrePay customers will not receive monthly billing statements. Daily account activity and history will be available to view on the customer’s KUB.org account. 


The minimum payment amount is $10. Payments can be made via:

  1. KUB mobile application
  2. www.KUB.org
  3. KUB automated phone system
  4. KUB-authorized payment kiosk
  5. Kroger and Walmart Check Free Pay
  6. KUB Customer Service Centers
  7. Mail

Only three (3) payments per credit card and/or bank account are permitted within a 5-day period. Autopay is not available for PrePay customers.

Balance Alerts

Customers can receive notifications via text message, email and/or mobile app push alerts based on communication preferences. Notifications will be sent to indicate a low PrePay account balance and when the PrePay account balance is zero. Customers are responsible for updating their communication methods and preferences. 

Service Interruptions and Terminations

Disconnection notices will not be delivered to customer properties prior to service interruptions. PrePay accounts are subject to immediate service interruption when the account balance reaches zero.   Extreme weather/temperatures will not prevent service interruptions. Service interruptions may occur any day including holidays and weekends. 

Restoring and Reestablishing Service

If service interruption occurs, any negative balance must be paid in full before services can be restored. In addition to paying the negative balance, a minimum payment of $25 for electric only or $50 for multiple utilities must be made. If the customer does not make necessary payments to restore service within five (5) days, the PrePay account will be closed. The customer must contact a KUB customer service representative to reestablish their PrePay account and to restore service. The negative balance must be paid in full and a PrePay deposit and minimum PrePay utility payment will also be required (see table above under Enrollment). 

Service Procedures, Rules and Regulations, and Rate Schedules

Customers enrolled in PrePay are subject to the KUB Service Procedures, Rules and Regulations, and Rate Schedules at the time that services are rendered and consumed.

By clicking ‘Agree” below, I certify that I understand and agree to the terms of the PrePay Billing Program. I also understand it is my responsibility to monitor and maintain a credit PrePay balance to avoid service interruption.