What is PrePay Billing?

PrePay is a daily billing system that allows customers to pay for their utilities before they use them. Customers will deposit funds into their accounts and be billed daily for their usage. They can track their usage online through kub.org HYPERLINK or the KUB mobile app. If a customer needs assistance accessing their usage information, call KUB at 865-524-2911 to talk with a Customer Service Representative.

Am I eligible for PrePay?

  • New and existing residential customers with KUB electric service are eligible to enroll in PrePay.
  • All properties on the customer's account must be enrolled in PrePay.
  • Customers must have an AMI meter.
  • Customers must have the ability to receive an email or text message to accept the Terms & Conditions during enrollment.
  • Customers must have a KUB account.
  • A minimum deposit and intial utility service payment must be paid during enrollment.

PrePay Terms & Conditions

How do I enroll in PrePay?

Customers will need to call 865-524-2911 to speak with a Customer Service Representative or visit a customer service center to enroll in PrePay.

Which utilities can I enroll in PrePay?

Electric, natural gas, water, and wastewater services can be enrolled in PrePay.

How often do I have to add funds to my account?

There is a minimum deposit due during enrollment, but customers can add funds to their account as needed. There is a minimum payment of $10. LINK IMAGE TO LARGER SIZE POP OUT

I have KUB Fiber, can I enroll in PrePay?

No, PrePay is only available for customers with electric service. LANGUAGE

Can I use Autopay with PrePay billing?

No, customers enrolled in PrePay cannot use Autopay.

Can I use PrePay if I am enrolled in other KUB Programs such as XXXXXX?

No, customers participating in programs such as XXXX cannot enroll in PrePay.

What happens if my account is low on funds?

KUB will notify the customer via email or text once their account reaches $25 and again when it reaches $10. Immediate disconnection will happen with the account reaches $0.

How soon will my utilities be reconnected after I make a payment?

Service will be reconnected immediately once the outstanding balance on the customer's account is paid.

Can I use PrePay with my commercial account?

No, commercial properties are not eligible for PrePay.