Vegetation Management

At KUB, we love an East Tennessee view and the trees that make it possible. 

That's why we put so much care and effort into our Vegetation Management Program. Since more than 50 percent of power outages are vegetation-related, pruning is an essential part of excellent reliability.

We maintain more than 5,000 miles of electric line and prune along approximately 1,000 miles of that line every year.

KUB is a certified Arbor Day Foundation Tree Line Utility and prunes according to the foundation's high-quality standards.

Trees - Your Responsibility & Ours

Learn how you can help us maintain healthy trees and electric reliability.

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Our Pruning Process

KUB is proud of its pruning process, from giving customers advanced notice of a pruning to leaving behind a healthy tree at a safe distance from power lines.

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Pruning On Your Property

If you receive notice that a tree on your property needs pruning, KUB wants you to know your pruning options.

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Plant Smart

Maintaining a safe and reliable electric system and healthy trees begins when the tree is planted. Learn how to plant the right tree in the right place.

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