KUB offers electric, gas, water, and wastewater services to more than nearly 500,000 customers in Knoxville, Knox County, and parts of seven surrounding counties.

Capacity, reliability, and service help KUB's electric system meet the needs of all our customers, from single families to commercial and industrial customers with electrically-intensive operations. KUB also offers a variety of gas services to accommodate the needs of all its customers, including both firm and interruptible gas rates as well as gas transportation service.

KUB has an excellent water quality record, and we work hard to maintain it. KUB performs significantly more tests than required each year to ensure the highest standards of water quality for our customers

Please note that you can expect about three weeks between digging for utility construction projects and the final restoration of yards and streets. Weather plays an important role in restoration, as re-seeded grass will not begin to grow until temperatures warm up in the spring. Additionally, final paving on streets cannot be completed during cold weather.

Remember: All KUB employees and contractors carry KUB identification badges with them at all times. For your safety, please ask to see ID if you are approached by someone claiming to be from KUB.

KUB Rules/Regulations and Service Procedures