AutoPay is KUB’s free automatic bank draft program. By having your utility bill automatically drafted from your bank or credit union account, you can save:

  • Time and effort in bill paying
  • Money on postage, gas, and check charges
  • Worry over misplaced bills and penalties.

As an AutoPay customer, you will continue to receive a monthly statement that looks like a normal bill but reads ‘Amount To Be Drafted.’ Your payment will automatically be drafted from the bank account on file on or near your normal payment due date.

Register or log in to use the My Account features to sign up for AutoPay. 

You can also use the form on the back of your bill. Please note: If you mail in the form from the back of the bill, include a voided check or deposit slip to enroll in AutoPay.

Tip: Residential customers can sign up for AutoPay and the Levelized Billing Plan (LBP). You’ll save time and avoid large swings in your bill caused by very hot or cold weather.

For your convenience, a copy of KUB's AutoPay Payment Program Terms & Conditions can be located here.