Your KUB bill includes a lot of information, and we want to help you understand it. If you still have questions after reading this and looking at the sample bill, please call us at 865-524-2911.

Energy/Water Usage Charges: KUB itemizes your bill by the services you receive. Your payment for services mainly covers KUB’s cost to purchase electricity/natural gas and treat water/wastewater. A portion also helps fund system upkeep.

Here's an explanation of the measurements KUB uses to bill for each service, with a real-life example:

KUB does not meter wastewater. We base the wastewater charge on customers' water usage. 

Basic Service Charge: This monthly charge primarily covers KUB’s fixed costs related to running a utility system. These costs include the regular maintenance and replacement of system components like pipes, wires, and equipment. A small fraction also covers things like metering and generating/mailing bills.

KUB, like other utilities nationwide, must replace aging infrastructure. [The American Society of Civil Engineers 2017 Report Card gave U.S. infrastructure a D+.] Through the Basic Service Charge, all customers share in paying for maintaining and replacing the systems that deliver safe, reliable utilities.

For more information about basic service charges, please see our frequently asked questions document

Electric Demand Charge: Non-residential customers (i.e. commercial and industrial businesses) may be charged based on the highest rate of electricity used during the billing cycle. Demand is measured in kW and represents the rate of electricity used; kWh is the amount of electricity used. Demand charges on the customer bill are used to cover a portion of the wholesale cost of energy demanded from TVA.