Contact KUB's Key Accounts Department at (865) 558-4177 for additional information and participation.

  • Encourages new and expanding price sensitive electrical loads
  • For new and expanding customers:
    - Minimum new or added load is 100 kW for SIC Customers or
    - Minimum new or added load is 250 kW for All-Electric Customers
  • Customer must sign power contract and participation agreement prior to taking service
  • Applies to firm power only
  • SIC code must be one of these:
    - Division B:  10-14 (Inclusive) -- Mining
    - Division D:  20-39 (Inclusive) -- Manufacturing
    - Division E:  40 -- Railroad Transportation
    42 -- Motor Freight Transportation and
    44 -- Water Transportation
    45 -- Transportation by Air
  • All Electric Customer must be:
    - Customer whose HVAC system is all-electric and
    - Customer who has at least 50% of interior floor space heated and cooled with an all-electric system and
    - Customer who has at least 50% of rated electric load for interior lighting, cooking, and HVAC
  • Provides monthly credit of:
    $6/kW for 4 years or
    $6/kW declining by $0.75/year over 8 years