Electric Service Area

Customers: 202,843
Service Area: 688 square miles
Service Lines: 5,321 miles
Substations: 63
Purchased Power: 5,545,940 megawatt hours (MWh)
Peak Day Demand (kW): 1,328,313 (2/20/15)
Peak Demand Capacity: 2,600,000 kilo volt amperes (kVA)
Purchased Power Cost: $403 million
Power Cost as a Percentage of Sales: 79 percent


Natural Gas Service Area

KUB's natural gas system serves mainly Knoxville and Knox County, with small extensions into two adjacent counties.

Customers: 99,808
Service Area: 284 square miles
Service Mains: 2,316 miles
Peak Day Demand: 136,356 dekatherm (dth) (2/19/15)
Peak Demand Capacity: 157,381 dth
Total Purchased Gas: 11,410,521 dth
Purchased Gas Cost: $41 million
Natural Gas Cost as a Percentage of Sales: 47 percent  


Water Service Area

KUB's water service area is located in the center of the Appalachian watershed and is surrounded by one of the most abundant and safe water supplies in the nation. Average daily water consumption equals roughly one-half of KUB's 62 million-gallon filtration capacity.

Customers: 78,980
Service Area: 188 square miles
Treatment Plants: 1
Booster Pump Stations: 24
Storage Facilities: 28
Service Mains: 1,411 miles
Rated Capacity: 62.9 million gallons (mg)
Reservoir Capacity: 38.1 mg
Treated Water: 12 billion gallons per year
Average flow: 32.9 million gallons a day


Wastewater Service Area

KUB is dedicated to preserving the area's abundant lakes, rivers, and streams.  The utility's four wastewater treatment plants use the most advanced and reliable procedures available to ensure the protection and preservation of East Tennessee's natural water supply for domestic, commercial, and recreational use.

Customers: 70,265
Service Area: 245 square miles
Treatment Plants: 4
Lift Stations: 75
Service Mains: 1,317 miles
Rated Capacity: 66.4 million gallons
Treated Water: 13.9  billion gallons per year
Average Flow: 38.14 million gallons per day