Outdoor Private Lights: Streetlights:

KUB's Outdoor Private Lighting Program provides security lighting for residential and commercial customers in customer-owned areas. KUB is converting this system of about 30,000 high-pressure sodium lights to LED over the next five years through KUB's regular maintenance cycle. LED lights are  energy efficient, save money for customers, provide a higher quality and longer lasting light, and benefit the environment. 

Standard installation cost is $75 for the installation of a light on an existing pole. The standard fee for a pole and light installation is $175. Costs may vary for non-standard installations.

Contact a KUB Customer Service Representative at (865) 558-2555 for questions or to place an order.

Click here to report a streelight or private light outage.

KUB maintains streetlights for publicly owned streets, right-of-ways, and property for the University of Tennessee, Knox County, and the cities of Maynardville, Luttrell and Plainview. Streetlights inside the City of Knoxville are owned, operated, and maintained by the city.

KUB streetlight and outdoor private light outages can be reported here. City of Knoxville streetlight outages can be reported on their website or by calling 311.