KUB's Procurement Department has developed a Contractor Prequalification Program that will include all construction contractors (electric, gas, water, wastewater, and vegetation management). Any contractor that wishes to bid on and perform construction work for KUB will be required to participate in the new Prequalification Program. KUB is now accepting prequalification applications for contractors who would like to bid on KUB construction projects. Eventually, all bidders for KUB construction projects will be required to be pre-qualified under this new program.

There are two main components to the new Contractor Prequalification Program. The first component consists of three sections (sections A, B, & C) that require general company information and essential financial, bonding, license, insurance, safety, and legal information. If all required information is not submitted, the prequalification process cannot be completed. Upon review of the first component by KUB, your company will be contacted regarding results.

The second component of the Contractor Prequalification Program is the contractor project references portion (section D). This section requires the contractor to submit three references and will include KUB construction project(s) that the contractor has completed within the last three years. Each reference will be contacted and will earn a score based on reference’s response to KUB’s questionnaire. The contractor’s prequalification score will be an average of the submitted project reference scores

Below is a link to sections A, B, and C of the Contractor Prequalification Program. These sections may be printed and submitted via email to KUB's Procurement Department at kubprequal@kub.org. The prequalification applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Prequalification Forms