KUB periodically hosts community meetings to discuss major utility projects or other topics of interest to customers, like our conservation workshops to help save energy and water – and money on utility bills. When meetings are scheduled, you can find information about them and copies of handouts, etc., here.  

KUB also provides speakers on a variety of utility-related topics to neighborhood associations and other local organizations. The speakers usually provide about a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation and answer questions from the audience.

Please update your organization’s contact information to help ensure you get any relevant information about KUB projects or meetings.

Click here to contact KUB to request a speaker or to update your organization's contact information.

Speaker Topics

General topics are listed below, or you can request a presentation on a topic specific to your organization or neighborhood:

  • Updates on Construction Projects
    Presentations cover the purpose and scope of the project, construction timeframes, any impact on traffic and property, any required service interruptions, etc.
  • Century II
    Century II is KUB's proactive long-range program to improve and maintain the electric, natural gas, water, and wastewater systems for our customers.
  • Private Lateral Program
    This required regulatory program helps ensure that property owners maintain and repair their laterals. [Laterals are the customer-owned pipe that connects homes and businesses to the sewer system.] The presentation includes why it is important to maintain your lateral to protect your property and our environment from sewage backups and overflows. It also covers the process for making repairs if KUB notifies you that your lateral is defective.
  • Can the Grease
    Learn to protect your plumbing and our environment by disposing of cooking grease properly. Grease poured down drains contributes to messy, costly sewage backups in homes and overflows in our environment.
  • Energy and Water Conservation
    Presenters offer simple low-cost or no-cost ideas to help you conserve energy and water – and save on your utility bills.
  • Green Power
    Find out more about how you can purchase green power blocks to help reduce our region’s dependency on non-renewable resources like coal and fossil fuels.
  • Vegetation Management
    KUB trims trees using the guidelines of the Arbor Day Foundation. Find out more about trimming methods, schedules, communication efforts, and what to expect.