KUB wants to keep all customers safe from scam-related thefts. Please remember that KUB never sends e-mail offers, calls asking for financial information, or collects payments at homes or businesses.

We may call you to let you know about a past-due balance, but we will not ask for credit card information or for a pre-paid card . If you want to use your card to pay your bill, you will be transferred to BillMatrix, our current partner taking payments on the phone and web.

Identity thieves change their tactics constantly. If anyone calls you claiming to be from KUB and demands payment, get a name and a return number. Then call KUB at 865-524-2911 to verify their activity is legit.

Don't Be Taken In by a Scam:

  • Don’t believe someone who calls to say your power will be shut off unless you pay immediately: KUB uses final notices on bills and pink door hangers, not calls, for service terminations.
  • Never give someone who calls or e-mails you your financial information. KUB doesn’t ask for that info—or pre-paid cards—over the phone or by e-mail.
  • Ask to see a KUB photo ID if someone comes to your door claiming to be from KUB. If the person has an ID but you are still uncomfortable, call KUB at 524-2911 or call 911.
  • Don’t give someone who comes to your home or business money or a pre-paid card. KUB never collects payments at homes or businesses.
  • Call KUB at 524-2911 if you think you are the target of a scam.

KUB cares about your safety. That is one of the reasons why all KUB employees and contractors carry KUB identification (ID) badges with them at all times. If someone claiming to be a KUB employee asks to enter your home, ask to see his or her ID badge, even if you initiated the visit. Also remember that KUB employees do not ask to enter a customer’s home unless the customer initiated the visit.

Never go outside your home or leave it unattended without verifying the person you're going with is a KUB employee or KUB contractor.

Because KUB contracts with other companies, you also may see non-KUB employees with legitimate KUB badges. However, even professional-looking badges may have been forged, so feel free to call KUB at 865-524-2911 to verify that someone has been sent to your address. If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to call 911.