Natural gas pipeline markers, like the ones shown here, are located throughout the KUB service territory along the route of buried pipelines. These markers are generally placed in easements where the pipeline intersects a roadway, railroad, creek, or river; however, they may also be located where natural gas pipelines cross open land. These types of markers are designed to be visible indicators that a buried natural gas pipeline is located nearby, but they provide very limited information.

Natural Gas Pipeline Markers DO NOT Show:

  • The depth of the natural gas pipeline
  • The number of natural gas pipelines in the area
  • The exact location of the natural gas pipeline

Natural Gas Pipeline Markers DO Show:

  • The approximate location of the natural gas pipeline
  • The name of the natural gas operator
  • The natural gas operator's emergency phone numbers

Pipeline markers may not be used in every area. Never rely solely on a marker to indicate the presence of a buried natural gas pipeline. Always call 811 to have buried utility lines located and marked for free before any excavation. If you suspect a leak is present in the vicinity of one of these pipeline markers, leave the area and immediately call KUB at 865-524-2911. It is a federal crime to willfully deface, damage, remove, or destroy any pipeline marker.

Types of natural gas pipeline markers found throughout KUB's service territory: