If you own a home/other building with natural gas service, KUB maintains the service line (the pipe from the street to the meter). The pipe from the meter into your structure is the fuel line, which you own and maintain. For safety, periodically inspect the fuel line (above or below ground) from the meter into your structure.

KUB recommends using licensed plumbers and heating contractors to locate, inspect, and repair the fuel line between the meter and your structure. If you find unsafe conditions on the fuel line, you are responsible for repairs, and we recom­mend that you make repairs immediately. For service line repairs due to damages or leaks, call KUB at 865-524-2911. We will send a technician to conduct a free leak investigation and initiate any repairs immediately. Remember: If you see/smell/hear signs of a leak, call KUB.

Mulch should never be placed around the service riser of your natural gas meter, and you should never paint your meter or related equipment.  It is also important you do not block access to your meter using vegetation or constructed barriers. See below for examples.