KUB cares about your safety. That is one of the reasons why all KUB employees and contractors carry KUB identification (ID) badges with them at all times. If someone claiming to be a KUB employee asks to enter your home, ask to see his or her ID badge, even if you initiated the visit. Also remember that KUB employees do not ask to enter a customer’s home unless the customer initiated the visit.

Never go outside your home or leave it unattended without verifying the person you're going with is a KUB employee or KUB contractor.

Because KUB contracts with other companies, you also may see non-KUB employees with legitimate KUB badges. However, even professional-looking badges may have been forged, so feel free to call KUB at 865-524-2911 to verify that someone has been sent to your address. If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to call 911.