Natural gas is a safe, efficient, and reliable domestic fuel that has a variety of uses. Learn about connecting to comfort with KUB Natural Gas here. 


Natural gas is heavily regulated by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) at the federal level, and Tennessee Public Utility Commission (TPUC) at the state level. KUB meets or exceeds the minimum federal safety standards through system maintenance, operations, safety surveys, and replacement programs. All work performed on the natural gas system is performed by trained individuals under KUB’s Operator Qualification Program that includes training, testing, and employee evaluations.

The 3 R's of natural gas safety: Learn how to recognize a natural gas leak, respond safely to it, and how KUB will respond here.

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Environmental Stewardship

KUB made a commitment to environmental stewardship through its participation in the American Public Gas Association's Environmental Task Force and its work as a founding member of the EPA's Methane Challenge. KUB is committed to continuously improving practices and maintaining its infrastructure to minimize emissions from its natural gas distribution systems. KUB works to:

  • Enhance leak detection and repair programs through new technology
  • Replace aging infrastructure with infrastructure that has a lower leak probability 
  • Educate and support its community about damage prevention
  • Promote energy efficiency programs
  • Incorporate best practices for emission mitigation throughout its processes