KUB conducts proactive surveys to monitor, operate, and maintain its natural gas distribution system. This information is used to make repairs and determine replacement programs.

If you live near KUB’s natural gas infrastructure, even if you are not a natural gas customer, you may periodically see a technician inspecting the infrastructure using lasers and other specialized equipment. These technicians will use KUB trucks and All-Terrain Vehicles, Segways, or even travel on foot, to access utility easements and right-of-ways on or near your property to complete the inspection, including the natural gas riser and meter located near your home or business. These vehicles will move slowly through the area, and trucks are also outfitted with lasers that allow technicians to perform the survey without leaving the vehicle.

KUB personnel will be outfitted with the appropriate hard hat, reflective safety vest, and other work-related gear, and will always have badge identification available for inspection upon request. Technicians on Segways will be wearing a safety helmet. Twice a year, KUB contractors also use helicopters to conduct aerial surveys. Rarely are leaks found, but when they are, repairs are made immediately.

KUB must inspect more than 2,300 miles of natural gas main and associated service lines, and has divided our service territory into sub-areas to aid in customer notification. Ahead of technicians coming to your area, you should receive a post card in the mail.